NFinity Capital Fraud Lawsuit Being Organized

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After recent revelations, the nFinity Capital fraud lawsuit is back on the front burner.

nFinity Capital will be included in the upcoming fraud lawsuit unless a deal can be met. The fraud lawsuit against Bernard Brown who was running Posture Pal was dropped without prejudice which means that this lawsuit can be refiled and brought back into court.

nFinity Capital will either be one of the plaintiff's against Bernard Brown or will be a defendant in the lawsuit.

If no answer is received by Bruce Vermeulen of nFinity Medical and nFinity Capital, the silence will mean that fraudulent activity was also done by him.

If he joins the plaintiff and did wrong doing, he will be made a fool of by his co-conspirator, Bernard Brown when it comes to the trial.

Bernard Brown was CEO of Posture Pal before he left it for abandonment and continued to sell the cushion without any patent consent. Bernard Brown also racked up an F rating with the Better Business Bureau for 21 complaints of taking customers money and not receiving product.

Bruce Vermeulen was made aware of the situation but remained silent in answering to Geisert, the majority shareholder.

Bernard is currently the COO of Depo Energy in Dallas Texas.

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NFinity Capital : Investors or African Fraudsters?

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nFinity Capital faces a lawsuit from defunct Posture Pal majority shareholder Chris Geisert if patent infringement issues are not resolved which may include fraud along with patent infringement.

nFinity Capital has been informed of company CEO Bernard Brown abandoning the company and taking all the money. nFinity Capital had a chance to file lawsuit against Bernard Brown but refused pressing charges to receive their investment back making it likely that they may be colluding with each other.

nFinity Capital and Bernard Brown are both from South Africa and use the same African University of Witwatersrand in their profiles.

nFinity Capital was also made aware of the Better Business Bureau ranking Posture Pal with an F for 21 complaints of taking clients money and not delivering goods. No comment was given by nFinity Capital.

Posture Pal is trying to go thru a recapitalization right now. nFinity Capital may be pursuing this which would result in investors losing their money and facing lawsuits.

Failure of nFinity Capital to inform investors of patent infringement would be grounds for those investors to sue if this important information was not disclosed. If nFinity Capital does not disclose this information, grounds of fraud for taking investors money could also be filed by investors for losing their money.

One way investors lose their money is when a company becomes abandoned. Bernard Brown has allowed all Posture Pal companies to become abandoned. nFinity Capital was made aware but does not find this out of the ordinary which means that nFinity Capital may be colluding.

African fraudsters are quite common. The fact that nFinity Capital and Bernard Brown, who has a fraud/patent infringement lawsuit against him, have known each other for a long time and worked together at MedSurge and given the circumstances of taking client's money and not giving people their product makes it very suspicious that future investor's money will be taken and not returned and without the risk of lawsuits divulged to the investors.

Manufacturing of the cushion for Posture Pal has been shut down. Even if Posture Pal may find financing, production of the cushion is non-existent.

Manufacturing has only been granted to FHP Products in China where production takes place. Geisert's name is also on the patent in China.

Paperwork has already been filed with Chinese customs to stop export of the posture cushion leaving the country except for purchase orders done by FHP Products.

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nfinity medical is the same bunch as nfinity capital.

NFinity Capital May Face Patent Infringement Lawsuit

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nFinity Capital may face a patent infringement lawsuit regarding the newly reformed Posture Pal companies.

The Posture Pal companies were abandoned in January 2008 and Posture Pal IP Inc. was recently un-forfeited. The un-forfeiture of Posture Pal Holdings Inc. and Posture Pal Inc. haven't been confirmed.

A letter was sent to Chris Geisert from nFinity Capital regarding owning stock in the Posture Pal company.

Geisert responded with a Cease and Desist letter to nFinity Capital and asked for remuneration with no response from nFinity Capital.

As Geisert is stated to be the patent owner on the USPTO official website, he is looking into filing a patent infringement lawsuit against nFinity Capital.

The problem Geisert needs to solve is to either add nFinity Capital's name to the current patent infringement lawsuit against Bernard Brown who was running the companies that were left for abandonment or filing a new complaint against Posture Pal and nFinity Capital.

Geisert is currently waiting for the answer from the US District Court of Northern Texas regarding a preliminary injunction against Bernard Brown.

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